Welcome to Cult Bears

A culture shift of 2,000 diverse bears. Building the first cross-chain NFT ecosystem on Moonbeam and Astar fully governed by the community. We’re planning to build the first cross-chain DAO, the first cross-chain NFT marketplace and the first cross-chain P2E game with a sustainable game economy. There will also be 4 mythic devil bears and some incredible rare Polar Bears, which may be quite valuable and give you additional benefits!

🐻 Together Bears Rule! 🍯 Sit back, relax, have some honey and show us all those lovely Bear VIBES!

Meet our Bear Society

"Cool Punk"

The Punk Clan represents some of the earliest adopters of blockchain technology and is an essential part of our Bear Society.

"The Captain"

With him on board, your fleet will never lose direction and you can explore the unknown to find incredible treasures.

"Mythic Devil Bear"

Mythic Devil Bears are only found on extremely rare occusions, based on legend there are only 4 within the entire bear kingdom. These apex predators are at the top of the food chain and take advantage of other bears abilities

"Cult Hero"

There are reports of bears with supernatural abilities also known as Cult Heros, but very little has been discovered about them.

"The Beauty"

This beauty is worth every mating battle, and even the most powerful rulers find it difficult to resist her.

Cult Bears DAO

The first cross-chain DAO built on MoonBeam and Astar. NFT holders can vote on all important proposals from both chains. Our mission is build a thriving and innovative ecosystem of products that distributes fair revenue shares across our holders and facilitates innovation on Dotsama.

Cult Markets

Cult Markets is our Revenue Sharing NFT Marketplace & Launchpad built on MoonBeam, governed and curated by the Cult Bears community. We charge a trading fee of 2.5% on all trades, which is shared between Cult Bear NFT holders, our DAO Fund and the team.

Cult Verse

Cult Verse is our upcoming P2E game, where players can challenge each other, conquer the forest and earn precious resources. All our NFT's will be represented as characters with their individual traits and pets. And your pets will have a special ability which gives you an advantage over other players.


MoonBeam is a scalable, decentralized, and interoperable Layer 1 blockchain and also an Ethereum-compatible smart contract parachain on Polkadot.
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We recommend using Metamask Wallet. You can download it

The total supply is 2,000 Cult Bears, equally split on Moonbeam and Astar. And there are 5 different rarities: common, rare, ultra rare, legendary and mythic!

The mint price depends on the NFT rarity and is the same on Moonbeam and Astar.

The mint is live now:

Bears are beatiful and very powerful animals, that's why we decided to go with bears.